Day in the life with a 9,8 and one on the way!

7:10am The alarm sounds…..but it gets turned off quickly, it’s pouring outside and a good day to linger in bed. I must doze off, because the next time I look at the phone it’s 7:58, I check email, and scroll through some things and get out of bed at 8:23. My husband is up getting ready for work.

I stroll downstairs and make some tea. I’m a coffee kind of gal, but cutting back for the rest of this pregnancy. I also make oatmeal for hubby.

8:48 – I send hubby off to work, wake up the kids, and then hop in the shower. At 9:20 we are in the car, poptarts in hand, on our way to visit a Compassion Experience set up at a nearby church. We arrive and there are no lines- awesome! We walk through the experience, and it is amazingly touching, and brings tears to my eyes several times. We go into the church, and the kids get some free hot cocoa, we make a quick stop at a store and then arrive back home.

11:00 I am absolutely famished and scrounge together a sandwich, it totally hits the spot! The kids of course are also starving, and they heat up some leftover pancakes. DS9 starts on his checklist. Today his list includes math, spanish, reading, piano, spelling and devotions.

11:45 We start DD8’s Hooked on Phonics, she struggles with reading, but is steadily making progress. We then do some math together, right now we’re working through The Complete Book of Math Grades 1-2. Sometime during this time my husband comes home for lunch. I also help my son with various things and check some of his work.

1:35 My husband heads back to work, I go over memory verses with the kids, and I get up to fold the laundry that’s in the dryer from last night. The kids have PB&JS and way too many goldfish(and so do I). We still have science experiments from The Magic School Bus kit on our list, but we seem to have misplaced the kit, and I don’t have the energy to find it, so we will *hopefully get to them tomorrow.

2:00 I call it good enough for today, my son prints some pics for the comic book he is working on and asks to watch Spiderman. My daughter goes to her room to play with her dolls. I find a home on the sofa with a blanket, rest time for me.

4:30 Spiderman is over (finally), and I send both kids outside. It has cleared up quite a bit and it’s 55 out. I head to the kitchen to tackle the dishes, then carry the folded laundry to its hone upstairs. I decide, I too should head outside and get in my 20 minute walk, while I listen to a podcast.

5:45 We come inside and gather library books, and head to the library. We’re doing leftovers for dinner, so that’s one less item on my list today. We hang out in the library, my son gets a new comic, and we pick out a few other books, the kids also play in the play kitchen for awhile there.

We get home around 6:45 and we start a game of battleship, we heat up leftovers, there’s a mixture of omelettes, bbq chicken, baked beans, and some other veggies. We finish the game and watch Wheel of Fortune, at 8:00 I send the kids up to take baths and put on pajamas. I put in a load of laundry, and handle a few more dishes. My daughter makes a request for a Sleepytime Tea Party. I get out some of my books for planning, my husband still isn’t home, and I’m debating whether to let the kids stay up and wait for him.

I lounge on the sofa, with my planning books, trying to come up with our plan for the rest of the school year. I’m hoping we can finish before baby arrives the end of May. DD8 serves me tea and cheese and crackers, after we clean up, she decides she has had it, and goes up to bed, I remind her to brush her teeth. DS wants to wait a little longer, he is quietly doing some work in his comic book. Hubby finally arrives around 10, he chats a few minutes with DS, and then sends him up to bed.

We talk, while hubby eats, and I clean up the kitchen, I put the laundry into the dryer, and we hang out and watch TV for a bit before going to bed around midnight.


I’m sorry for the picture less post today, but this is the reality of my life right now LOL. Is this day ideal? Absolutely not! Do I wish we woke up earlier? Yup. Do I wish my husband came home earlier? Yup. Do I wish my house was cleaner, and we accomplished some more school work? Yes! Ideally my day would have started with bible time, bed making, excercise, a hot breakfast together, and some reading aloud. Ideally I would read to my kids and pray with them before bed but right now, I just can’t seem to do it. None of those things happened…but I digress, this is just a season, and my energy levels are just not there, so I am trying to give myself grace, and trying to remember to give my kids grace.

So if we have clean clothes, food to eat (ideally clean dishes to eat it on as well lol), and get to math and reading that day, I’m calling it a win for now. Bonus if we got outside that day!

God bless.


January 2016

A new year and a fresh start, full of ideas, oppurtunities, and hope to better ourselves. It’s been a long time… is what we’re up to in our homeschool this month……

What we’re reading…..

The first read aloud I’ve chosen is “The Long Winter” by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We had a very mild December, and we even went to the park a few days!!! However, winter has begun to show itself at last. We are four chapters into this book, and the kids are enjoying it. This book has 33 chapters, so it should take us the whole month, or maybe even longer. The first book I assigned to the boy is “Who were the Vikings?” by Jane Chisholm. The girl is working her way through easy reader books she checks out at the library…..

What we are studying…..

This week we have stuck to the basics (math, reading, handwriting, phonics/grammar), either next week or the following we will begin a unit on Artic/Antarctica, I am still compiling resources, we will probably begin with penguins, and geography of the area. The boy is currently following along with the earth science curriculum on

What we’re doing….

WAITING FOR SNOW!! I know the kids would sure love it. Our homeschool group starts back up next week, but besides that and church were being kind of homebodies this month.

Wishing everyone a blessed new year!

God bless!



Our 100th day

20150210_15033020150210_094444Well today, here at our homeschool we celebrated our 100th day of school this year. This is our third year homeschooling and we’ve never done anything for it before, so I thought we would do something fun and different.

So of course we started the day with breakfast, this was simply oval pancakes and a piece of banana.20150210_114048 After breakfast we headed upstairs and made these fun 100th day glasses.20150210_122047 Afterwards, we got to work on 100 piece puzzles. I did our memory work and Read-alouds during this time.20150210_135718 Unfortunately the puzzles turned out to be 94 piece and 99 piece 🙂20150210_125102  Then it was time for our 100 piece snack! (10 carrots in hummus, 10 tomatoes, 10 apple slices, 10 cheese slices, 10 crackers, 10 animal crackers, 10 cocoa almonds, 10 cashews, 10 pepperonis, and 10 cubes of watermelon. Yummy!20150210_140033  Then it was time for some math, I hid 100 smarties in a big bowl of puffed millet. The first task was finding the pieces, then we placed them on the 100 ‘ s chart, counting by 1 ‘ s and 10’s. 20150210_141900  After that, they divided the smarties in half, and graphed them by color.20150210_143647  I finally let them eat them, while they worked on this worksheet.  20150210_155645This was by far my favorite thing we did today. First the kids wrote about what they will be like when they are 100 years old, then they created their “old” selves. This was such a great project idea. Sorry for the sideways picture, I’ll fix it later. 20150210_162830  Then we counted out exactly 100 lego pieces for each kid and they created something. The boy created a TV news studio, and the girl made a surf shop. This was fun too. We ended the day with some excercise, 10 of each kind. 10 jumping jacks, sit ups, hopping on one foot etc.

The kids had lots of fun today, so I wanted to share the day. All the activities took a lot longer than I expected. I wanted to make a special 100th day cake or cookie. But by the time we finished everything else it was past 4pm. Guess time really does fly when your having fun!

God Bless.


Wrap- up: 2/1-2/7 2015

20150206_132546Hello everyone! We had lots of fun this week starting with a SuperBowl party on Sunday. Here are some crafts the kids made at the library, super cute and great ideas for Valentine’s Day. A lollipop flower, a heart windchime, and a candy heart necklace, and the girl wanted puppy in the picture…..20150207_132014 We did lots of Groundhogs Day things, we researched and charted Groundhog weather predictions in different parts of the country, we got outside and played Groundhog Fact hopscotch, we talked about shadows and how they change, and we made this cute groundhog pop-up craft (above).20150207_100245 Here the kids are at Home Depot Kids Workshop where they made heart boxes, hopefully I can get flowers for them next week.20150206_132228 This week we read more about the Assyrians in SOTW, and made Lego versions of an Assyrian siege tower.20150206_132324Above is a “fossil” that we made with straws and sand; as we’ve been reading about dinosaurs and the kids have been talking about them at homeschool group as well. 20150207_132203  These are some of the books that we’ve been reading….20150207_194028 Lastly, here’s a pic of the kids at the auto show last night. Hope everyone had a great week!


Wrap-Up: 1/25-1/31

20141228_153031Okay so normally, I would write up a weekly review of our week, with some cute pics, but guess what? Not a single pic this week (gasp). But meanwhile, check out this awesome boat my son designed on a Lite Brite we dug out of my parents basement! I had this thing when I was a kid, it’s awesome, hours of fun I’m telling ya.

Well let’s just say, it was a strange week, with lots of sick, and lots of snow….

Sunday was a relatively normal day, church and a visit to my parents.

Monday, we woke up to more snow. The boy and his dad went out to shovel. Me and the girl stayed in doing some cooking and cleaning. Then after lunch I took both the kids out to sled with the neighbors. I was freezing! But they had a blast. After we headed in, we played some video games, and watched movies. Good day.

Tuesday…..and then the coughing and runny noses begin. School kind of didn’t happen, although the boy did do a few things like reading and math. Everyone ate soup and took naps.

Wednesday, we had to miss out on our homeschool group today due to the sickies. We were all pretty bummed. We did get some school work in though. We learned about scorpions in science which the kids took quite an interest in.

Thursday, more school work, but still sick so no piano lessons. Although we did make it to bible study tonight.

Friday the kids did watercolor paintings. We studied cicadas, and The Phoenician ‘ s in history.

On Saturday, we finished up our read a -loud ‘The Secret School’ (such a great book! I highly recommend it), and a biography on MLK, that we had been reading the past two weeks. We also went to the library to see a presentation on environmentally friendly toys. So cool! I wish I would of took pics, bummer.

Kind of a blah week, but hey life is good!

God Bless


Weekly WrapUp: Jan 18th-24th


Sunday: Sunday became a very rainy/icy day. Church was canceled, and I didn’t go visit my parents because the roads were bad. We stayed in watching movies, and I did some cleaning and laundry.

Monday: I had to babysit my nephew this week, so they spend most of the day just playing with him while I got lots of laundry done, and later we went grocery shopping.

Tuesday: We completed all of our basic subjects. This week we continued with Ancient Egypt, Insects, and I began reading a biography of Martin Luther King Jr. In the afternoon we had sign language class, where we learned to sign “Do you want to build a snowman”, which was lots of fun. We picked up some books at the library and then has dinner at Abuelas.

Wednesday: We went to homeschool group where the kids played around, and talked about dinosaurs, and made some homemade beads (see above). In the afternoon, we went to our favorite cafe/indoor park Mr. B’s. It was getting a little snowy so we didn’t stay too long.

Thursday: We had a regular academic day, nothing too exciting, with little cousin around things are a little bumpy. We attended bible study at church that night.

Friday: More of the same, a piano/vocal lesson in the afternoon, and another trip to the grocery store.

Saturday: We ended the week with a nice snowfall for the kids to play in, and an art project to round it out!

Happy Homeschooling and God Bless.

Wrap Up Jan 13th-16th

20141126_143208 20141222_165036Well hello there. I have personally decided I am really bad at blogging, it’s funny because I remember reading blogs I really liked, and then their posts just end one day, and I wonder what happened to the person. Ha, now I know what happened. Life.

Anyway, after a two week break for Christmas we started back up last week. We were supposed to start last Tuesday but it snowed, so you know. Anyways we started Wednesday, slowly easing into things.

So let’s talk about this week, it’s a four day week because tomorrow we won’t have school because they are spending the night at their grandparents.

We’ve moved back upstairs to our school room for now, where we do all our math and language arts bookwork, we are getting back into the habit of doing the calendar and weather, as I feel the girl needs help with this.

I have quit trying to start things bright and early, our winter routine is apparently quite a bit different then fall and spring.

I am usually up before 8, and the kids around 8:30-9. I spend most of my morning in the kitchen, cleaning up, preparing things for lunch and dinner etc. The kids like to play for quite awhile and we usually enjoy a leisurely breakfast around 10 together. The girl has been helping with breakfast quite a bit lately.

After breakfast chores get done, and the boy does independent reading. We usually go upstairs around 10:30-11. Right now this is working for us, no one is complaining, and they have already played, and have eaten so are ready for some work.

We have changed a lot of our curriculum, and methods, for various reasons, but that is for another post my friends.

This week we wrote out some goals, we did an art project of self portraits with oil pastels and watercolor, and we started up with our homeschool group again, and of course checked out lots of books from the library.

In history we are reading about Egypt/Moses and in science we are studying insects.

I am trying to come up with a plan/schedule to adapt our current rhythm, right now I’m kinda just winging it with everything except the basics.

This may all be quite boring to whoever reads this haha! But, thanks if you made it this far.

God Bless.


Weekly Wrapup Week 10

20141028_14475220141101_09163020141027_131909Well, another week is under our belts. And, I am having a serious scheduling/routine issue. I started the year with plans of a set schedule, that we would happily go through each day, but after a few weeks I realized this was not working. I love Charlotte Mason’s ideas, but lately I’ve been reading a lot about unschooling, project-based learning and relaxed homeschooling. So despite lack of structure here is what we did last week…

Sunday, we had church as usual, and we visited my parents, and the kids ran around with the chickens and helped close up the pond for the cooler weather.

Monday, I came up with the idea that I wanted to cook a bunch of stuff so that I wouldn’t have to cook much during the week. I made salmon chowder, lasagna, and stuffed peppers. Also, the girl has been asking to make apple pie, so we did that as well. I also did some laundry, and the boy played Wii for awhile. In the afternoon the kids had Lego Club and we did grocery shopping.

Tuesday, I wasn’t feeling very up to “doing school”, the kids spent the morning playing with playdough, Legos and drawing, and in the afternoon they played at the park and waded in the creek. Then we (finally) put batteries in the Walkie talkies which they played with for the rest of the evening. The boy did do his math work on telling time and practiced piano.

Wednesday morning we headed out to Keepers of the Faith where they had a game day, so they played Trouble, Memory and Monopoly Jr. Then they played at the park with the other kids. We came home for lunch, and the kids…you guessed it played with Legos and playdough. Then we got through bible, math, reading and handwriting. Afterwards, we went to the indoor play place because it was pouring. In the evening we visited the library, and checked out lots of books on drawing, horses and construction which are apparently the interests right now. We came home and watched Reading Rainbow and Avengers cartoon.

Thursday morning, the kids built towers with toothpicks and marshmallows, we got in our main subjects, then we took bikes to the park in the afternoon, and had church in the evening. The kids each started on some projects: the girl a mini-house, and the boy drawing superheroes for a book he’s making. In the evening we had church, and watched more Reading Rainbow and Avengers.

Friday was a very cold day, we stayed in except for a trip to the Dollar Store for some project supplies. The boy did math, reading, bible, and had a piano lesson, then worked on drawing and started a robot project. The girl did math, reading, handwriting, and spent the good part of the day hot – gluing away on her mini-house. Of course we had to watch Reading Rainbow and Avengers again.

Saturday morning we went to Home Depot for the kids workshop, did our academics and then went to a birthday in the afternoon.

This week’s Read-alouds/Videos:

The Bible

Leading Little Ones to God

Fables by Arnold Lobel

How High Can A Dinosaur Count by Valorie Fisher

Down on the farm: Horses

The Magic School Bus Fact Finder : Bats

Lego City : Build this City

Reading Rainbow: Introducing Ocean Life

Avengers : Volume 2

This week was okay, I am trying to let go of what my kids SHOULD be doing….but man it’s kind of hard. We completely skipped out on history and spanish. We didn’t do a science experiment, or art project or any grammar or spelling words. But hey, each day is a new day. Sorry if this is all terribly boring. Hope everyone had a great week!

God bless,


Waldorf Education (continued)

A couple weeks ago I started a series on Waldorf Education. As someone experimenting with some changes in my families homeschool I read quite a bit about Waldorf and talked a bit about it. I shared several negative thoughts about the method in that post.

I wanted to continue by sharing some Waldorf ideas that I like. The main thing that drew me to Waldorf was the idea of the main lesson block. The idea of this is to focus on one subject, yes ONE, for an extended period of time, usually 2-4 weeks. To the more organized and rigid homeschoolers this may sound a bit nuts, but I encourage anyone to read up on the idea and I have come to be quite fond of it. For example you may spend two weeks on science, followed by four weeks on math, then two weeks on grammar. All of these subjects are approached in a much more hands on, involved method than traditional schooling.

The second thing I like is the heavy focus on art, there is a lot of drawing, and painting used in the Waldorf method in ALL subjects. My children love art and they probably would love doing this.

Another thing I like is the focus on nature. I am a big advocate for being in nature, and really just being outside in general. I make an effort each day to get my kids outside, just exploring around and and also for physical activity. However, I still think they are indoors way too much, as is most of the general population.

Lastly, I like the idea of using fairy tales and fables to teach moral values. I know this is common in other methods as well. As a christian, the bible is the ultimate source for this, however it is nice to have other sources to reinforce biblical values.

Thanks for reading,


Weekly Wrap-up Week 9

20141022_103532Let’s see…..

Sunday, church as usual. We went to my parents, and the kids helped in the garden, dug up bulbs, raked some leaves. I happily stayed inside with a blanket and some coffee!

Monday, another big cleaning day for me. It was a lot of work but kind of nice to have the house stay pretty clean all week. I did a super clean on Monday, and then basically wrote up some chores for myself during the week. It worked out well I think. The kids pretty much just hung out and played.

Tuesday, we did lots of academics. I made a very long list of things to be done, and we trudged through them all. In the afternoon, we took our bikes to a park with a trail, where the kids rode and played for awhile.

Wednesday, we attended Keepers of the Faith in the morning. The firemen came and we got to see inside the truck, and that was all pretty fun. After lunch, we watched some movies, I read our bible devotions, a chapter from S.O.T.W., a chapter from a book we are reading about Bats, and then we went to the indoor park (it’s been a very rainy day). I insisted on a page of handwriting from each of the kids. We dropped off library books, and then went to church for practice.

Thursday, we did reading and math. Then we did a science experiment about air/matter. We watched some videos about force and work on youtube. Then we did an art project, about different types of lines. The kids spent a lot of time this week designing lego minifigures.

Friday, let’s see math, reading and piano for the boy. Math, reading, and phonics for the girl. We attempted to have lunch outside, but there was bees. So we ate in, and then went out to play in the sandbox, then down to the park for awhile. When we came in, they requested to watch x-men. I worked on dinner. We all got ready and went to church for a special children’s service. All the kids did great! After, we went to get milkshakes.

And now, it’s Saturday at noon. I haven’t done much yet besides drink coffee! Ha. The kids want to go play outside, and I plan on us getting our activity sheets done from SOTW. Hope you all had a great week!

God Bless!