Our 100th day

20150210_15033020150210_094444Well today, here at our homeschool we celebrated our 100th day of school this year. This is our third year homeschooling and we’ve never done anything for it before, so I thought we would do something fun and different.

So of course we started the day with breakfast, this was simply oval pancakes and a piece of banana.20150210_114048 After breakfast we headed upstairs and made these fun 100th day glasses.20150210_122047 Afterwards, we got to work on 100 piece puzzles. I did our memory work and Read-alouds during this time.20150210_135718 Unfortunately the puzzles turned out to be 94 piece and 99 piece 🙂20150210_125102  Then it was time for our 100 piece snack! (10 carrots in hummus, 10 tomatoes, 10 apple slices, 10 cheese slices, 10 crackers, 10 animal crackers, 10 cocoa almonds, 10 cashews, 10 pepperonis, and 10 cubes of watermelon. Yummy!20150210_140033  Then it was time for some math, I hid 100 smarties in a big bowl of puffed millet. The first task was finding the pieces, then we placed them on the 100 ‘ s chart, counting by 1 ‘ s and 10’s. 20150210_141900  After that, they divided the smarties in half, and graphed them by color.20150210_143647  I finally let them eat them, while they worked on this worksheet.  20150210_155645This was by far my favorite thing we did today. First the kids wrote about what they will be like when they are 100 years old, then they created their “old” selves. This was such a great project idea. Sorry for the sideways picture, I’ll fix it later. 20150210_162830  Then we counted out exactly 100 lego pieces for each kid and they created something. The boy created a TV news studio, and the girl made a surf shop. This was fun too. We ended the day with some excercise, 10 of each kind. 10 jumping jacks, sit ups, hopping on one foot etc.

The kids had lots of fun today, so I wanted to share the day. All the activities took a lot longer than I expected. I wanted to make a special 100th day cake or cookie. But by the time we finished everything else it was past 4pm. Guess time really does fly when your having fun!

God Bless.



One thought on “Our 100th day

  1. What an awesome day! We’re only on day 88. We’ve taken a number of days of “just because”. Usually our 100th day is in mid-January…But we’re 12 days away. I miss things like this. My kids are older now and doesn’t seem to enjoy these fun themed activities as much.


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