Curriculum Choices 2014-2015

Okay, so after two years of kind of having no clue what to use for curriculum, and kind of coming up with my own stuff, we have settled down into some more structure for this year. My children are six and seven years old and we are doing a lot of our subjects together. So here goes….

History/Geography:  After pondering for a couple of years I have decided to start chronological history this year. We will be using Story of the World with the accompanying activity guide and some of the suggested library books. Although S.O.T.W. covers a lot of geography we will also be using Geography Songs in hopes of attaining a deeper knowledge of the world around us.



Science: Science has been really tough for me. I like the idea of focusing on mainly nature study for the younger years. However, I struggle because my state requires standardized testing and therefore I feel the need to teach beyond nature study. This year I purchased Come and See from Queen Homeschool Supply. It is recommended for grades k-2. I LOVE this book, I think it’s fun and interesting. I think it’s perfect for my first grader who is just beginning to read. However, it is defiantly not enough for my second grader. We are supplementing with related library books and doing note booking pages. Toward the ends of the year we will be working through several other scientific topics such as force, matter, magnetism, electricity etc.




This year we are reading through Genesis, Matthew, Proverbs and Acts. For devotions we are finishing the book Devotions for the Children’s Hour and then moving on to Leading Little Ones to God.

Memory work: Selections from The Harp and Laurel Wreath, bible verses and other facts that I deem as important to know.

Literature: The Wizard of Oz, Charlotte’s Web, Pinocchio, A Lion to Guard Us, and others.

Poetry: We will work through Robert Louis Stevenson’s A Child’s Garden of Verses, and then move on to something else.

As far as picture study, composer study, art, music, and other things we will be using many different resources, which are far too many to list here.



On to separate subjects….


Reading: Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons followed by easy readers such as Little Bear.

Phonics: Spectrum Phonics 1

Grammar: First Language Lessons

Handwriting: copy work

Math: Singapore Math 1A/1B

lang read specsing


7 yo:

Reading: as  a very avid reader, he will be assigned various chapter books throughout the year.

Spelling: grade 3 spelling lists

Grammar: Finish up First Language Lessons  and move on to First Language Lessons Vol. 2.

Handwriting: copy work

Math: Singapore Math 2A/2B

Spanish: The Fun Spanish Level 1(he is loving this!)

Piano Lessons

fla singa span

I know I always love to see what everyone else is using, so hoping this post can help someone else out too.

God Bless!




3 thoughts on “Curriculum Choices 2014-2015

  1. Looks great. I also use Story of the World and Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. It isn’t working so well with my youngest so I’m trying the Burton Reading Program and that has been working better for her. Every child is different. I agree, science I think is the hardest curriculum to find for young children. I also wanted to share I use Drawing with Children for Art/Drawing. It starts with very simple shapes, and my already coloring loving children love doing that curriculum.


    • You know, it’s funny Teach Your Child To Read worked so well with my son and he learned so quickly how to read. I tried it with my daughter last year in kindergarten but it was such a struggle, so we are starting it fresh again this year, maybe she just wasn’t ready. We will see how it goes. Thanks for the art suggestions.


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