Weekly Wrapup Week 10

20141028_14475220141101_09163020141027_131909Well, another week is under our belts. And, I am having a serious scheduling/routine issue. I started the year with plans of a set schedule, that we would happily go through each day, but after a few weeks I realized this was not working. I love Charlotte Mason’s ideas, but lately I’ve been reading a lot about unschooling, project-based learning and relaxed homeschooling. So despite lack of structure here is what we did last week…

Sunday, we had church as usual, and we visited my parents, and the kids ran around with the chickens and helped close up the pond for the cooler weather.

Monday, I came up with the idea that I wanted to cook a bunch of stuff so that I wouldn’t have to cook much during the week. I made salmon chowder, lasagna, and stuffed peppers. Also, the girl has been asking to make apple pie, so we did that as well. I also did some laundry, and the boy played Wii for awhile. In the afternoon the kids had Lego Club and we did grocery shopping.

Tuesday, I wasn’t feeling very up to “doing school”, the kids spent the morning playing with playdough, Legos and drawing, and in the afternoon they played at the park and waded in the creek. Then we (finally) put batteries in the Walkie talkies which they played with for the rest of the evening. The boy did do his math work on telling time and practiced piano.

Wednesday morning we headed out to Keepers of the Faith where they had a game day, so they played Trouble, Memory and Monopoly Jr. Then they played at the park with the other kids. We came home for lunch, and the kids…you guessed it played with Legos and playdough. Then we got through bible, math, reading and handwriting. Afterwards, we went to the indoor play place because it was pouring. In the evening we visited the library, and checked out lots of books on drawing, horses and construction which are apparently the interests right now. We came home and watched Reading Rainbow and Avengers cartoon.

Thursday morning, the kids built towers with toothpicks and marshmallows, we got in our main subjects, then we took bikes to the park in the afternoon, and had church in the evening. The kids each started on some projects: the girl a mini-house, and the boy drawing superheroes for a book he’s making. In the evening we had church, and watched more Reading Rainbow and Avengers.

Friday was a very cold day, we stayed in except for a trip to the Dollar Store for some project supplies. The boy did math, reading, bible, and had a piano lesson, then worked on drawing and started a robot project. The girl did math, reading, handwriting, and spent the good part of the day hot – gluing away on her mini-house. Of course we had to watch Reading Rainbow and Avengers again.

Saturday morning we went to Home Depot for the kids workshop, did our academics and then went to a birthday in the afternoon.

This week’s Read-alouds/Videos:

The Bible

Leading Little Ones to God

Fables by Arnold Lobel

How High Can A Dinosaur Count by Valorie Fisher

Down on the farm: Horses

The Magic School Bus Fact Finder : Bats

Lego City : Build this City

Reading Rainbow: Introducing Ocean Life

Avengers : Volume 2

This week was okay, I am trying to let go of what my kids SHOULD be doing….but man it’s kind of hard. We completely skipped out on history and spanish. We didn’t do a science experiment, or art project or any grammar or spelling words. But hey, each day is a new day. Sorry if this is all terribly boring. Hope everyone had a great week!

God bless,



2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrapup Week 10

  1. Not boring at all! I’ve just come across your blog from Weird Unsocialised Homeschoolers and loved reading about your week. It sounds lovely! Quick question…how do you manage to fit so many things in in one day? For example, if I was to take my kids to an indoor play centre, that would be it for the day! They’d only be time for dinner, bath and bed. Definitely no trip to the library afterwards!! I wish I could do more with my girls, 7 & 3, in one day.


    • Hey, thanks for reading. I always love reading about other people’s weeks as well. To answer your question, I have come to a point of letting a lot of things go, academically speaking. I try to tell myself, that we don’t need to read the history chapter Right now, or do the art project right now, or fill out the grammar page right now, there is time. So that frees up some time. Sometimes I feel like we are in a mad rush from one thing to the next, which is not what i want for my kids. So about that day it seems like a lot but it was more like this..in the morning we went to our homeschool group, came home and had lunch, then spent about an hour on academics (math, reading etc.) Then it was about 2pm we had a couple hours to relax, we went to the indoor park from about 4 to 6:30 and ate there, then we were at the library until 8:30. So it wasn’t really as rushed as it seems. A lot of people’s kids may be sleeping by then, but mine are not.
      Hope this is helpful! J.


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