January 2016

A new year and a fresh start, full of ideas, oppurtunities, and hope to better ourselves. It’s been a long time…..here is what we’reĀ up to in our homeschool this month……

What we’re reading…..

The first read aloud I’ve chosen is “The Long Winter” by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We had a very mild December, and we even went to the park a few days!!! However, winter has begun to show itself at last. We are four chapters into this book, and the kids are enjoying it. This book has 33 chapters, so it should take us the whole month, or maybe even longer. The first book I assigned to the boy is “Who were the Vikings?” by Jane Chisholm. The girl is working her way through easy reader books she checks out at the library…..

What we are studying…..

This week we have stuck to the basics (math, reading, handwriting, phonics/grammar), either next week or the following we will begin a unit on Artic/Antarctica, I am still compiling resources, we will probably begin with penguins, and geography of the area. The boy is currently following along with the earth science curriculum on allinonehomeschool.com.

What we’re doing….

WAITING FOR SNOW!! I know the kids would sure love it. Our homeschool group starts back up next week, but besides that and church were being kind of homebodies this month.

Wishing everyone a blessed new year!

God bless!