Wrap Up Jan 13th-16th

20141126_143208 20141222_165036Well hello there. I have personally decided I am really bad at blogging, it’s funny because I remember reading blogs I really liked, and then their posts just end one day, and I wonder what happened to the person. Ha, now I know what happened. Life.

Anyway, after a two week break for Christmas we started back up last week. We were supposed to start last Tuesday but it snowed, so you know. Anyways we started Wednesday, slowly easing into things.

So let’s talk about this week, it’s a four day week because tomorrow we won’t have school because they are spending the night at their grandparents.

We’ve moved back upstairs to our school room for now, where we do all our math and language arts bookwork, we are getting back into the habit of doing the calendar and weather, as I feel the girl needs help with this.

I have quit trying to start things bright and early, our winter routine is apparently quite a bit different then fall and spring.

I am usually up before 8, and the kids around 8:30-9. I spend most of my morning in the kitchen, cleaning up, preparing things for lunch and dinner etc. The kids like to play for quite awhile and we usually enjoy a leisurely breakfast around 10 together. The girl has been helping with breakfast quite a bit lately.

After breakfast chores get done, and the boy does independent reading. We usually go upstairs around 10:30-11. Right now this is working for us, no one is complaining, and they have already played, and have eaten so are ready for some work.

We have changed a lot of our curriculum, and methods, for various reasons, but that is for another post my friends.

This week we wrote out some goals, we did an art project of self portraits with oil pastels and watercolor, and we started up with our homeschool group again, and of course checked out lots of books from the library.

In history we are reading about Egypt/Moses and in science we are studying insects.

I am trying to come up with a plan/schedule to adapt our current rhythm, right now I’m kinda just winging it with everything except the basics.

This may all be quite boring to whoever reads this haha! But, thanks if you made it this far.

God Bless.



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