Weekly Wrap-up Week 9

20141022_103532Let’s see…..

Sunday, church as usual. We went to my parents, and the kids helped in the garden, dug up bulbs, raked some leaves. I happily stayed inside with a blanket and some coffee!

Monday, another big cleaning day for me. It was a lot of work but kind of nice to have the house stay pretty clean all week. I did a super clean on Monday, and then basically wrote up some chores for myself during the week. It worked out well I think. The kids pretty much just hung out and played.

Tuesday, we did lots of academics. I made a very long list of things to be done, and we trudged through them all. In the afternoon, we took our bikes to a park with a trail, where the kids rode and played for awhile.

Wednesday, we attended Keepers of the Faith in the morning. The firemen came and we got to see inside the truck, and that was all pretty fun. After lunch, we watched some movies, I read our bible devotions, a chapter from S.O.T.W., a chapter from a book we are reading about Bats, and then we went to the indoor park (it’s been a very rainy day). I insisted on a page of handwriting from each of the kids. We dropped off library books, and then went to church for practice.

Thursday, we did reading and math. Then we did a science experiment about air/matter. We watched some videos about force and work on youtube. Then we did an art project, about different types of lines. The kids spent a lot of time this week designing lego minifigures.

Friday, let’s see math, reading and piano for the boy. Math, reading, and phonics for the girl. We attempted to have lunch outside, but there was bees. So we ate in, and then went out to play in the sandbox, then down to the park for awhile. When we came in, they requested to watch x-men. I worked on dinner. We all got ready and went to church for a special children’s service. All the kids did great! After, we went to get milkshakes.

And now, it’s Saturday at noon. I haven’t done much yet besides drink coffee! Ha. The kids want to go play outside, and I plan on us getting our activity sheets done from SOTW. Hope you all had a great week!

God Bless!



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