Wrap-Up: 1/25-1/31

20141228_153031Okay so normally, I would write up a weekly review of our week, with some cute pics, but guess what? Not a single pic this week (gasp). But meanwhile, check out this awesome boat my son designed on a Lite Brite we dug out of my parents basement! I had this thing when I was a kid, it’s awesome, hours of fun I’m telling ya.

Well let’s just say, it was a strange week, with lots of sick, and lots of snow….

Sunday was a relatively normal day, church and a visit to my parents.

Monday, we woke up to more snow. The boy and his dad went out to shovel. Me and the girl stayed in doing some cooking and cleaning. Then after lunch I took both the kids out to sled with the neighbors. I was freezing! But they had a blast. After we headed in, we played some video games, and watched movies. Good day.

Tuesday…..and then the coughing and runny noses begin. School kind of didn’t happen, although the boy did do a few things like reading and math. Everyone ate soup and took naps.

Wednesday, we had to miss out on our homeschool group today due to the sickies. We were all pretty bummed. We did get some school work in though. We learned about scorpions in science which the kids took quite an interest in.

Thursday, more school work, but still sick so no piano lessons. Although we did make it to bible study tonight.

Friday the kids did watercolor paintings. We studied cicadas, and The Phoenician ‘ s in history.

On Saturday, we finished up our read a -loud ‘The Secret School’ (such a great book! I highly recommend it), and a biography on MLK, that we had been reading the past two weeks. We also went to the library to see a presentation on environmentally friendly toys. So cool! I wish I would of took pics, bummer.

Kind of a blah week, but hey life is good!

God Bless



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