Waldorf Education (continued)

A couple weeks ago I started a series on Waldorf Education. As someone experimenting with some changes in my families homeschool I read quite a bit about Waldorf and talked a bit about it. I shared several negative thoughts about the method in that post.

I wanted to continue by sharing some Waldorf ideas that I like. The main thing that drew me to Waldorf was the idea of the main lesson block. The idea of this is to focus on one subject, yes ONE, for an extended period of time, usually 2-4 weeks. To the more organized and rigid homeschoolers this may sound a bit nuts, but I encourage anyone to read up on the idea and I have come to be quite fond of it. For example you may spend two weeks on science, followed by four weeks on math, then two weeks on grammar. All of these subjects are approached in a much more hands on, involved method than traditional schooling.

The second thing I like is the heavy focus on art, there is a lot of drawing, and painting used in the Waldorf method in ALL subjects. My children love art and they probably would love doing this.

Another thing I like is the focus on nature. I am a big advocate for being in nature, and really just being outside in general. I make an effort each day to get my kids outside, just exploring around and and also for physical activity. However, I still think they are indoors way too much, as is most of the general population.

Lastly, I like the idea of using fairy tales and fables to teach moral values. I know this is common in other methods as well. As a christian, the bible is the ultimate source for this, however it is nice to have other sources to reinforce biblical values.

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