Day in the life with a 9,8 and one on the way!

7:10am The alarm sounds…..but it gets turned off quickly, it’s pouring outside and a good day to linger in bed. I must doze off, because the next time I look at the phone it’s 7:58, I check email, and scroll through some things and get out of bed at 8:23. My husband is up getting ready for work.

I stroll downstairs and make some tea. I’m a coffee kind of gal, but cutting back for the rest of this pregnancy. I also make oatmeal for hubby.

8:48 – I send hubby off to work, wake up the kids, and then hop in the shower. At 9:20 we are in the car, poptarts in hand, on our way to visit a Compassion Experience set up at a nearby church. We arrive and there are no lines- awesome! We walk through the experience, and it is amazingly touching, and brings tears to my eyes several times. We go into the church, and the kids get some free hot cocoa, we make a quick stop at a store and then arrive back home.

11:00 I am absolutely famished and scrounge together a sandwich, it totally hits the spot! The kids of course are also starving, and they heat up some leftover pancakes. DS9 starts on his checklist. Today his list includes math, spanish, reading, piano, spelling and devotions.

11:45 We start DD8’s Hooked on Phonics, she struggles with reading, but is steadily making progress. We then do some math together, right now we’re working through The Complete Book of Math Grades 1-2. Sometime during this time my husband comes home for lunch. I also help my son with various things and check some of his work.

1:35 My husband heads back to work, I go over memory verses with the kids, and I get up to fold the laundry that’s in the dryer from last night. The kids have PB&JS and way too many goldfish(and so do I). We still have science experiments from The Magic School Bus kit on our list, but we seem to have misplaced the kit, and I don’t have the energy to find it, so we will *hopefully get to them tomorrow.

2:00 I call it good enough for today, my son prints some pics for the comic book he is working on and asks to watch Spiderman. My daughter goes to her room to play with her dolls. I find a home on the sofa with a blanket, rest time for me.

4:30 Spiderman is over (finally), and I send both kids outside. It has cleared up quite a bit and it’s 55 out. I head to the kitchen to tackle the dishes, then carry the folded laundry to its hone upstairs. I decide, I too should head outside and get in my 20 minute walk, while I listen to a podcast.

5:45 We come inside and gather library books, and head to the library. We’re doing leftovers for dinner, so that’s one less item on my list today. We hang out in the library, my son gets a new comic, and we pick out a few other books, the kids also play in the play kitchen for awhile there.

We get home around 6:45 and we start a game of battleship, we heat up leftovers, there’s a mixture of omelettes, bbq chicken, baked beans, and some other veggies. We finish the game and watch Wheel of Fortune, at 8:00 I send the kids up to take baths and put on pajamas. I put in a load of laundry, and handle a few more dishes. My daughter makes a request for a Sleepytime Tea Party. I get out some of my books for planning, my husband still isn’t home, and I’m debating whether to let the kids stay up and wait for him.

I lounge on the sofa, with my planning books, trying to come up with our plan for the rest of the school year. I’m hoping we can finish before baby arrives the end of May. DD8 serves me tea and cheese and crackers, after we clean up, she decides she has had it, and goes up to bed, I remind her to brush her teeth. DS wants to wait a little longer, he is quietly doing some work in his comic book. Hubby finally arrives around 10, he chats a few minutes with DS, and then sends him up to bed.

We talk, while hubby eats, and I clean up the kitchen, I put the laundry into the dryer, and we hang out and watch TV for a bit before going to bed around midnight.


I’m sorry for the picture less post today, but this is the reality of my life right now LOL. Is this day ideal? Absolutely not! Do I wish we woke up earlier? Yup. Do I wish my husband came home earlier? Yup. Do I wish my house was cleaner, and we accomplished some more school work? Yes! Ideally my day would have started with bible time, bed making, excercise, a hot breakfast together, and some reading aloud. Ideally I would read to my kids and pray with them before bed but right now, I just can’t seem to do it. None of those things happened…but I digress, this is just a season, and my energy levels are just not there, so I am trying to give myself grace, and trying to remember to give my kids grace.

So if we have clean clothes, food to eat (ideally clean dishes to eat it on as well lol), and get to math and reading that day, I’m calling it a win for now. Bonus if we got outside that day!

God bless.