Wrap- up: 2/1-2/7 2015

20150206_132546Hello everyone! We had lots of fun this week starting with a SuperBowl party on Sunday. Here are some crafts the kids made at the library, super cute and great ideas for Valentine’s Day. A lollipop flower, a heart windchime, and a candy heart necklace, and the girl wanted puppy in the picture…..20150207_132014 We did lots of Groundhogs Day things, we researched and charted Groundhog weather predictions in different parts of the country, we got outside and played Groundhog Fact hopscotch, we talked about shadows and how they change, and we made this cute groundhog pop-up craft (above).20150207_100245 Here the kids are at Home Depot Kids Workshop where they made heart boxes, hopefully I can get flowers for them next week.20150206_132228 This week we read more about the Assyrians in SOTW, and made Lego versions of an Assyrian siege tower.20150206_132324Above is a “fossil” that we made with straws and sand; as we’ve been reading about dinosaurs and the kids have been talking about them at homeschool group as well. 20150207_132203  These are some of the books that we’ve been reading….20150207_194028 Lastly, here’s a pic of the kids at the auto show last night. Hope everyone had a great week!



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