Weekly WrapUp: Jan 18th-24th


Sunday: Sunday became a very rainy/icy day. Church was canceled, and I didn’t go visit my parents because the roads were bad. We stayed in watching movies, and I did some cleaning and laundry.

Monday: I had to babysit my nephew this week, so they spend most of the day just playing with him while I got lots of laundry done, and later we went grocery shopping.

Tuesday: We completed all of our basic subjects. This week we continued with Ancient Egypt, Insects, and I began reading a biography of Martin Luther King Jr. In the afternoon we had sign language class, where we learned to sign “Do you want to build a snowman”, which was lots of fun. We picked up some books at the library and then has dinner at Abuelas.

Wednesday: We went to homeschool group where the kids played around, and talked about dinosaurs, and made some homemade beads (see above). In the afternoon, we went to our favorite cafe/indoor park Mr. B’s. It was getting a little snowy so we didn’t stay too long.

Thursday: We had a regular academic day, nothing too exciting, with little cousin around things are a little bumpy. We attended bible study at church that night.

Friday: More of the same, a piano/vocal lesson in the afternoon, and another trip to the grocery store.

Saturday: We ended the week with a nice snowfall for the kids to play in, and an art project to round it out!

Happy Homeschooling and God Bless.


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