Our 100th day

20150210_15033020150210_094444Well today, here at our homeschool we celebrated our 100th day of school this year. This is our third year homeschooling and we’ve never done anything for it before, so I thought we would do something fun and different.

So of course we started the day with breakfast, this was simply oval pancakes and a piece of banana.20150210_114048 After breakfast we headed upstairs and made these fun 100th day glasses.20150210_122047 Afterwards, we got to work on 100 piece puzzles. I did our memory work and Read-alouds during this time.20150210_135718 Unfortunately the puzzles turned out to be 94 piece and 99 piece 🙂20150210_125102  Then it was time for our 100 piece snack! (10 carrots in hummus, 10 tomatoes, 10 apple slices, 10 cheese slices, 10 crackers, 10 animal crackers, 10 cocoa almonds, 10 cashews, 10 pepperonis, and 10 cubes of watermelon. Yummy!20150210_140033  Then it was time for some math, I hid 100 smarties in a big bowl of puffed millet. The first task was finding the pieces, then we placed them on the 100 ‘ s chart, counting by 1 ‘ s and 10’s. 20150210_141900  After that, they divided the smarties in half, and graphed them by color.20150210_143647  I finally let them eat them, while they worked on this worksheet.  20150210_155645This was by far my favorite thing we did today. First the kids wrote about what they will be like when they are 100 years old, then they created their “old” selves. This was such a great project idea. Sorry for the sideways picture, I’ll fix it later. 20150210_162830  Then we counted out exactly 100 lego pieces for each kid and they created something. The boy created a TV news studio, and the girl made a surf shop. This was fun too. We ended the day with some excercise, 10 of each kind. 10 jumping jacks, sit ups, hopping on one foot etc.

The kids had lots of fun today, so I wanted to share the day. All the activities took a lot longer than I expected. I wanted to make a special 100th day cake or cookie. But by the time we finished everything else it was past 4pm. Guess time really does fly when your having fun!

God Bless.



Wrap- up: 2/1-2/7 2015

20150206_132546Hello everyone! We had lots of fun this week starting with a SuperBowl party on Sunday. Here are some crafts the kids made at the library, super cute and great ideas for Valentine’s Day. A lollipop flower, a heart windchime, and a candy heart necklace, and the girl wanted puppy in the picture…..20150207_132014 We did lots of Groundhogs Day things, we researched and charted Groundhog weather predictions in different parts of the country, we got outside and played Groundhog Fact hopscotch, we talked about shadows and how they change, and we made this cute groundhog pop-up craft (above).20150207_100245 Here the kids are at Home Depot Kids Workshop where they made heart boxes, hopefully I can get flowers for them next week.20150206_132228 This week we read more about the Assyrians in SOTW, and made Lego versions of an Assyrian siege tower.20150206_132324Above is a “fossil” that we made with straws and sand; as we’ve been reading about dinosaurs and the kids have been talking about them at homeschool group as well. 20150207_132203  These are some of the books that we’ve been reading….20150207_194028 Lastly, here’s a pic of the kids at the auto show last night. Hope everyone had a great week!


Wrap-Up: 1/25-1/31

20141228_153031Okay so normally, I would write up a weekly review of our week, with some cute pics, but guess what? Not a single pic this week (gasp). But meanwhile, check out this awesome boat my son designed on a Lite Brite we dug out of my parents basement! I had this thing when I was a kid, it’s awesome, hours of fun I’m telling ya.

Well let’s just say, it was a strange week, with lots of sick, and lots of snow….

Sunday was a relatively normal day, church and a visit to my parents.

Monday, we woke up to more snow. The boy and his dad went out to shovel. Me and the girl stayed in doing some cooking and cleaning. Then after lunch I took both the kids out to sled with the neighbors. I was freezing! But they had a blast. After we headed in, we played some video games, and watched movies. Good day.

Tuesday…..and then the coughing and runny noses begin. School kind of didn’t happen, although the boy did do a few things like reading and math. Everyone ate soup and took naps.

Wednesday, we had to miss out on our homeschool group today due to the sickies. We were all pretty bummed. We did get some school work in though. We learned about scorpions in science which the kids took quite an interest in.

Thursday, more school work, but still sick so no piano lessons. Although we did make it to bible study tonight.

Friday the kids did watercolor paintings. We studied cicadas, and The Phoenician ‘ s in history.

On Saturday, we finished up our read a -loud ‘The Secret School’ (such a great book! I highly recommend it), and a biography on MLK, that we had been reading the past two weeks. We also went to the library to see a presentation on environmentally friendly toys. So cool! I wish I would of took pics, bummer.

Kind of a blah week, but hey life is good!

God Bless