Weekly Wrap-up Oct 12th-18th

20141016_12090420141018_12072020141016_09482620141012_143904Sunday, we went to church in the morning, and then afterwards we stopped at the fire station for their open house. We rode on the fire truck, got to squirt the hoses, play on the moonbounce, and some other fun things. Afterwards, we stopped by to visit my parents, and then back to church for service.

Monday was a lazy day for me, I did accomplish some laundry and grocery shopping though. The boy helped his Dad outside with yardwork, and we all played some Wii.

Tuesday was back to school. We started a new schedule I am still not happy with. We read a book about a fire house, watched a short fire-safety video on you-tube, colored some pictures from Smokey the Bear, stopped; dropped; and rolled,  and  crawled under(fake) smoke. Fire safety homeschool requirement complete! Yay. In the afternoon, we spent some time at the park, the girl went to pick up her cousin from preschool, and the boy and I went to sign – language class. It was so fun, I think he really liked it. Later, we rode bikes until dark and then played 2 rounds of Memory game, and Trouble.

Wednesday morning we ventured out to our first meeting for Keepers of the Faith. The kids had a great time. Little man has already created and illustrated a story for next week’s show and tell. I read Pinocchio over lunch, we did some math and language things, and watched a Water Cycle video. I’ll have to come up with how we will be scheduling Wednesdays now. Outside it was seriously pouring, so we headed to our favorite indoor park, and took a trip to the dollar store.

Thursday morning we dawned rainboots and coats and took a short walk down to the creek. We found cool leaves, three slugs, a worm, and a caterpillar, and we decided to keep them for a few days. We read about Christopher Columbus, and the girl and I tried our hand at pillow math today. Later, we headed out to chess club at the library, and then had bible study at church.

Friday, we had a rough start with some bad attitudes to boot. I decided to “let it go”……we took a break and I made a pot of soup, the kids watched a Peep Finds video. Little man got a haircut, and we covered some math and language arts in the afternoon, then a piano lesson for him as well. The girl and I did reading and math. Later we went to the park, and then church.

Saturday, we woke up late! We had our pancake breakfast, read our devotion, did chores, and piano practice for the boy, reading for the girl. Then we headed down to the last Farmer’s Market this year. The kids did some fun crafts, and we stopped at the park on the way back.

That’s all folks. Hope your week was grand.



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