Some thoughts on Waldorf Education

Recently,  I have been having a bit of an issue with  one; coming up with a rhythm that works for us, and two; finding a more engaging way of doing things. I realized that some things we are doing just aren’t working, not so much the curriculum I have chosen but more of the method and order we have been using.

So, once again I find myself praying for God’s guidance in what we should be doing, what resources we should be using and methods of teaching. As, I browsed through the blogosphere I came across Waldorf Education. Now, Waldorf is not new to me, I had come across it several times over the past few years.

Waldorf is a beautiful method of education, very artsy, creative, hands on, and slow on introduction to academics. However, there is one major problem with Waldorf. I am a christian! Waldorf is far from the Christian education I wish to pass on to my children. There are many elements of Waldorf I just can not accept. Rudolf Steiner, the creator of Waldorf, believed in reincarnation, and contact with the “spirit world” among other things. If you take a look at many of the songs/verses used across Waldorf Curriculums, they are practically praising nature, the sun, the moon, and “mother” earth. They also celebrate many pagan holidays, right along with Christian ones. All of these things were what had turned me away from Waldorf before. But for some reason, I kept on reading.

Looking past the spirituality of it, the method has many tactics that are very creative, and useful. There are several things that I may consider incorporating into my homeschool. If you have an artsy, creative, hands-on type child, parts of this method may be something to consider.

If you are currently using the Waldorf method, I encourage you to really look at what you are doing/saying in your curriculum. Remember that God is a jealous God! Weed out what isj bad and keep what is good.

As you have read, Waldorf is certainly not christian. However, as I mentioned earlier there are good elements. In my next post, I will go over these elements and talk about how we can use these methods to glorify God in our homes and children.

God Bless!



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