Weekly Wrap-Up BREAK WEEK


Okay, I’m getting serious now about this weekly wrap-up stuff now!

This is a recap of the past week, which was actually a break week, but we still did a lot of stuff.

Here we go….

Sunday: We went to Sunday School in the morning, and the kids had a rehearsal for an upcoming occasion. After church, I picked up some things from the store, and then the kids played outside with the neighbors, and rode their bikes, we grilled burgers and watched football, and then went back to church for the evening service.

Monday: I spent a good chunk of the day cleaning the house and doing laundry. I took darling daughter to the park before heading off to a dentist appointment, and the much anticipated escalator rides. Yup, they just love that escalator….

october 6 028october 6 035october 6 036   On Tuesday, we spent most of the morning playing in the backyard. The kids made mud pies and rock huts and I finished reading my book. We also did some fall leaf prints. After lunch, we drove over to visit my grandparents. The kids had a fun time picking up acorns for a whopping 1 cent each.

On Wednesday, we spent the morning indoors. I did some school planning on the computer, they worked on their Lego stop motion, and made videos on the LeapPad. In the afternoon, we headed to a different park then usual where the kids mostly collected leaves and jumped in them. In the evening we went to the library to return/check out books and attended the story hour.

Thursday and Friday were both kind of slow days. We pretty much stayed home, the kids played outside, rode bikes, the boy had a piano lesson, and we went to the park again. We watched too many movies….the Lego movie, Frozen, the Lorax- and X-men. Friday night the kids sang at church.

On Saturday, the much anticipated Fall Fest got rained out. So, we found out about a Star Wars Reads Day at the library, the kids played games, and attacked each other with lightsabers. Later that afternvoon we visited the grandparents, and that’s a wrap.


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