Weekly Wrap-Up (Sept 1st-21st ’14)

Okay yeah so I’ve been a little bit slacking on these update posts. But here is a little bit of what we have been up to the last few weeks…..

Okay so first, the trip to the beach. We hadn’t been there all summer. So we just had to get there. It was windy and chilly, but amazing none the less, and the kids loved it anyways. Actually, the water was super warm.

sept14 014sept14 018sept14 017

We spent some end of summer time here………Nice feet, I know!.sept14 003

sept14 001 sept14 002phone sep 14 003Reading as usual…………Yeah, I didn’t snap a pick of all the books we’ve been reading together the past few weeks, sorry bout that. However, I did catch the boy reading a non-fiction book on the floor all on his own (gasp!) Non-fiction! Unbelievable.

The kids have been going to the park down the street almost daily to collect black walnuts(seen below), I’m tempted to stop spending so much money on nuts and just pick them from the trees….J/K We’ll save them for the squirrels. We also put together our favorite USA puzzle.

phone sep 14 002phone sep 14 004

Oh, we went to a picnic with lots of yummy food and fun stuff…..The kids had a blast, even when it started pouring and we waited in line for 40 minutes for some balloon animals, they were still smiling!

phone sep 14 051 phone sep 14 017 phone sep 14 028 phone sep 14 039 phone sep 14 041

Let’s see….at the park, bible alphabet flashcards, some pretty flowers, Dad’s fish pond

phone sep 14 057 phone sep 14 065

phone sep 14 056 phone sep 14 058

Puppet show at the library, caterpillar, pogo-sticking, and dead bat (kids insisted that a picture be taken)

phone sep 14 061 phone sep 14 064 phone sep 14 069 phone sep 14 070

And last but not least…LEGO creations of course!

phone sep 14 066 phone sep 14 073 phone sep 14 072

And…that’s a wrap. Crying, fighting, name-calling, whining, and melt-downs were experienced by all, but pictures not included…..Thanks for reading!



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