Another post from those weird homeschoolers

Okay, now this might sound a little bit strange but with public school in full swing around here, I’ve kind of gone into a bit of hiding during school hours. Trying not to go to the store, or the park, or walk down the street even until after 3pm.

Are you wondering why? Well, I would love to say that I live out on the farm, in the woods, out in the fields. But, I don’t. I live in the suburbs, somewhere between city and freedom, nature and well; not nature, with not another homeschooling family in sight. I’m not saying they’re not around, but they are definately not on my block.

They kind of look at you funny when they notice you’re not waiting at the bus stop. Until one day they work up the nerve to ask you “Uh, aren’t your kids supposed to be in school?”

“Oh, we homeschool.” You smile and retreat back to your den (house).

But, lately I’ve been thinking, aren’t you the weird one? (Of course I didn’t say this)Since when is it weird to have children home with their mother? Isn’t this what people have been doing for thousands of years? Until randomly a hundred or so years ago they decided this was no longer ideal. When did it become so natural to raise your child for five years and then ship them off to the masses.

I just simply don’t understand it. Why is it weird to want to spend time with your children. Learn and grow with them each day. Cherish precious childhood with them. Teach them about life, and live it with them. I am not saying homeschooling is easy. I am not saying everyday is wonderful and problem free. But you know what, it’s worth it anyway.

Now I realize that not everyone can homeschool, there are people out there who are literally unable to do it. But, for the rest of us, open your eyes and embrace it. No, I’m not telling you what to do. But honestly, children are a precious gift from God, somehow modern society has forgotten this.

Embrace life.

Embrace motherhood.

And for the record….I am not the weird one.


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