A Reflection


So with three weeks of school under our belts, I’ve felt a calling to reassess. The first week went great, we accomplished everything on the list (as if that’s the most important thing right?) Overall I felt good, good about what we accomplished, good about our schedule

The second week went by, and we completed MOST of what we had planned. We took a short day because I wasn’t feeling up to afternoon work, and another day we got a surprise visit from a cousin and tossed schoolwork out the door. At the end of the week I said to myself “Hey, not every week can be perfect right?”

Then week three came and it really hit me. Feet were dragging in the morning. The kids wanted to play and not “start school”. Why isn’t school more like play in my home? I had to drag them to do their math and handwriting. I found myself a bit more tense and quite snappy frankly, and unhappy about how I was dealing with it. Morning Meeting had turned into Afternoon Sit Down and Listen or else…

We cut the week short because my kids had plans on Saturday to go on a trip with their grandparents. And you know what? I looked through my pictures for the week and I found that they were pretty scarce. I even forgot to snap a picture of the books we had read. I was feeling quite drained and lost. Already? Already


I had prayed for the Lord to lead me in this homeschooling thing. But was I really letting him? The truth is I haven’t been listening to him at all. I haven’t even been looking for his answers. Ouch. All I have been doing is what I think I’m supposed to be doing. Because, that’s what all these other great homeschooling mama’s are doing. And I must admit, they truly are inspiring. 


So, I took a deep breath. And went to the beach. What? Yes, the beautiful, amazing, incredible beach and immense, unfathomable ocean God has created. It was so windy, and quite chilly, certainly not a perfect beach day, but it was still incredible. I sat in the sand, ran in the water, and breathed in the sweet, salty air. God is so amazing. My children are amazing. The ability to homeschool them is amazing.


So, I sit here today, cup of coffee in hand, kids sleeping in way too late, but feeling refreshed in God’s beauty none-the-less. I don’t know what I will do today, stick to the plan? Throw everything out and begin again? Try something new?  I certainly don’t have the answer, but there is someone who does, and this week, in my life, and my home and my family I can’t let that be forgotten.



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